Bullet resistant laminated glass

Our bullet resistant Plastofloat are useful when
armed aggression is a risk . The choice of the model
depends on the type of potential weapons and the
desired level of protection.
  • For rifles and handguns :
    Bullet Resistant Plastofloat, category BRS
  • For hunting rifles and shotguns :
    HP Bullet Resistant Plastofloat, BRS & SGS
  • For maximum protection of people located
    just behind the glass:
    VHP Bullet Resistant Plastofloat, rated NS.
Bullet resistant laminated glass may be incorporated in a Vim insulating double glazing units

Bullet resistant laminated glass
Bullet resistant glass
HP Bullet resistant glass
VHP bullet resistant  glass

Bullet resistant glass classificationsBRS, Bullet Resistance
BRNS, Bullet Resistance with No Spall
SG & SGNS, Shot Gun bullet resistance