EVA Plastofloat

EVA Plastofloat is a laminated glass integrating one or more EVA based interlayers from Bridgestone. It is a high performance (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) interlayer for safety laminated glass.


  • superior adhesion to glass and to various insert media
  • very high moisture resistance
  • large choice of colours
  • good compatibility with wood, paper, stones etc.


With EVA Plastofloat you may propose innovative and customized glass solutions for wall coverings, partitions, floor tiles or stairs etc.

For a better colour rendering you can use extra-clear glass.
  • Laminated dichroic glass for a work of art: GAMUT
  • Evasafe laminated glass for partitions in an office space
  • Evasafe laminated glass for a lighted staircase
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