Noise reduction laminated glass : Acoustic Plastofloat

All Plastofloat solutions provide noise protection. Laminated glass is at least as effective as monolithic glass of the same thickness. Acoustic Plastofloat, laminated glass including one or more acoustic PVB interlayers,  provides even greater noise protection.
  • Plastofloat 68  ( 33/2)  reduces unwanted noise like a 8 mm thick glass
  • Plastofloat 88  (44/2)   reduces unwanted noise like a 10  mm thick glass
  • Acoustic Plastofloat 88 =  4 mm glass + 0.76 mm noise reduction PVB + 4 mm glass
                                            offers a better noise insulation than a 10 mm float glass


  • Noise reduction Plastofloat are safety laminated glass.
  • We can add a noise reduction PVB interlayer in any laminate.
  • They can be combined with another glass into a double glazing Vim.


  • Office or conference room partitions
  • Bedroom windows
  • Insulating doors
  • Facades on noisy streets
  • Fire resistant double glazing units : Vim Pyro
  • Noise control insulating glass, hippopotamus restaurant
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The glass units must be installed in compliance with current standards, regulations, and our instructions. To obtain the desired results, the glass units must be installed in frames with equivalent performance.