Break-in resistant Plastofloat rated up to 8 = P8B

This is a range of laminated glass providing extra protection for your valuables, and detering or delaying burglary attempts. They are certified Cekal which guarantees their performance level according to a rating system from 6=P6B to 8=P8b.

Main models

Plastofloat thickness
in mm
in kg/m²
EN 356
  PRE 15 15 34 6=P6B
 BR1S bullet resistance
P 170 17 31 7=P7B
high performance
& BR2S bullet resistance
PRE 22 22 46 8=P8B
maximum performance
& BR2S bullet resistance

 More informationBreak-in resistance
BRS Bullet resistance


Break-in resistant glass
Our range



  • certified performances
  • a wide range of models
  • multifunctions models, break-in & bullet resistant
  • custom made models on request


Break-in resistant Plastofloat can be used alone or assembled into a double glazing unit Vim to provide extra-protection for your valuables :
  • Storefronts and windows displaying valuable items
  • Black painted glass for Theo Fil shop window
  • High security for Chanel extra-clear shop window
  • Safety low-iron laminated glass for Nina Ricci
  • Break-in resistant insulating glass units for la Caisse d'Epargne
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  • Jewellery stores...
to provide extra-protection for property and people:
  • Windows and french doors in homes, shops and office buildings.
The glass units must be installed in compliance with current standards, regulations, and our instructions. To obtain the desired results, the glass units must be installed in frames with equivalent performance.