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Our Bullet resistant Plastofloat is tested and rated according to European standard EN 1063 specifications from BR1 to BR7 according to its ability to withstand armed attack using a particular weapon, not just by stopping the bullets, but also in terms of the spall ejected on the opposite face.
To be rated BR, the glass must withstand 3 impacts without being perforated. The test is always performed successively on three samples of the same glass. The resistance level is determined by the type of weapon, the ammunition used and the shooting distance.
EN 1063
Plastofloat weapon used Calibre ammunition
in m.
Impact velocity
in m/s
BR 1S PRE 10R, PRE 15, PRE20 gun / rifle 22 LR cylindro-ogivale plomb 10 360
BR 2S PRE 22 Handgun 9 mm luger cylindro-ogivale plomb
chemise acier plaqué
5 400
BR 3S M 240 Handgun 0,357 magnum conique plomb chemisé
acier plaqué
5 430
BR 4S M280, M335, M338 Handgun 0,44 rem mag cylindro-conique tronquée
plomb chemisé acier
5 440
BR 5S M335, M386 gun / rifle 5,56 X 45 cylindro-conique plomb
masse pénétrante acier chemisé acier
10 950
BR 6S M 475 gun / rifle 7,62 X 51 cylindro-conique plomb
chemisé acier plaqué
10 830

For example PRE 10R stops a 22 LR shot from a distance of  10 metres with a gun/rifle, and is rated BR1. However, the violence of the impact may cause spall to be ejected on the side opposite the shot, so PRE 10R does not guarantee the protection of people located just behind the glass. It is rated  BR1S. (Bullet Resistance with reduced Spall)
If you want to guarantee the safety of people located behind the glass, you must choose bullet-resistant glass rated NS, that is to say bullet resistance with No Spall