Clear, low-iron and coloured mirrors

They are clear, low-iron or body tinted float glass  on which a coating of silver nitrate and a protective varnish are deposited. We carry only environmentally friendly models, without copper or lead. A wide range of custom cut to your instructions mirrors is available. We offer them laminated or integrated into a double glazing unit.

Main Models

Mirrors Clear Extra-clear Bronze Grey Green Blue Black** Master
in mm
3 to 8 mm 6 mm 4 & 6 mm 4 & 6 mm 6 mm 6 mm 6 mm 4 & 6 mm 6 mm

* One way vision mirror is only available in safety versions, either toughened or laminated..

** Black mirror is only available with a safe film applied to the back..
We also carry :
  • decorative mirrors and other tints in stock or by order depending on the sites.
  • clear acid etched mirrors 4 & 6 mm thick, extra-clear acid-etched mirror 6 mm thick.
  • safety films to apply to the mirrors
  • installation fittings


With mirrors, you can make the most of the natural light and  space available.


They can be used for wall coverings, on inside doors, cupboard doors.... When laminated , they can be used
for doors, partitions, shelves...

We offer to add custom sandblasted designs to our mirrors.
  • Large sized mirrors for a dance training room
  • Etched mirror for a kitchen splashback
  • SentryGlas Expressions laminated glass with graduated colour
  • Patterned glass mirrored & laminated
  • Mirror and gold interlayer laminated
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