Digitaly printed & toughened glass : Seristal image

Seristal image is enamelled glass printed using a digital process; direct on glass digital printing. We use recently developed ceramic printing inks to print directly on glass any motif converted into a digital image. After the print out, the glazing is toughened which allows the enamels to be cooked and gives extra mechanical strength to the glass.   Enamelled printed glassBrochure


  • suitable for small series while enamelled glass printed using screens requires mass production
  • may reproduce any image you can imagine
  • a full colour palette can be obtained thanks to the combination of the basic colours
  • multicolour print is possible with various levels of opacity, a broad range between opaque to highly transparent printings can be achieved.
  • large glass panels, up to 3600 X 2080 mm may be printed
  • A glass bridge for the National School of Architecture in Strasbourg
  • Enamelled Bolted Glass shelter for a car park lift cage
  • Solar control double-skin bolted glass façades
  • Extra-clear laminated glass standing Steles
  • Ceramic printed & laminated glass for interior design & facades
  • Installation art Perspectives inversées, Saint-Germain-en-Lay gardens
  • Enamelled design for Low-iron laminated glass partitions in airport
  • Enamelled & coloured laminated glass panels
  • Enamelled decorative glass panels for the port of Dieppe
  • Safety and decorative large windows coloured or enamelled
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  • they can be subsequently laminated or assembled in insulating glass units.


Séristal image may be used for customized and tailor made solutions to decorate offices, stores and homes for interior as well as exterior applications, in both cases it can be used to filter a certain amount of light and solar heat.
  • wall coverings
  • doors
  • sliding panels & partitions…
  • curtain walls, complete building façades can be styled according to your wishes
  • roofs, porch roofs
  • balustrades
  • sun shading elements
  • urban architecture & signage
The quality of the printing depends on that of the source file