Toughened & laminated glass: Seristal Plastofloat


Seristal Plastofloat combines the advantages of these two techniques
  • toughened : it can be clamped or joined by metal fittings for frameless glass solutions
  • laminated :  In the event of breakage, the glass fragments are held in place by the plastic interlayer.           


They can be used for projects made with transparent glass or glass including a decorative coloured or patterned interlayer
  • point -fixed glass façades or large windows
  • clear, coloured or enamelled balustrades
  • roofing, roof-lights or flooring
  • urban architecture
  • indoors: shower stalls, show cases, doors & partitions, stairs & staircases balustrades, panoramic lifts...     
  • Large display cases for Nantes Museum of Arts
  • Laminated Glass Plastofloat for the cable-car stations in Brest
  • Glass flooring and balustrades for a luminous house
  • All glass entrance system for the offices building of  Vincennes zoo
  • Point-fixed Glass shelter for Marly-le-Roi car park entrance
  • Porch roof of an entrance hall
  • Staircases & mezzanine glass balustrades
  • All glass panoramic lift for a train station
  • Mezzanine glass flooring
  • Vanceva Color laminated glass sliding door
  • Toughened & laminated glass tiles for a landing stage
  • Toughened and laminated glass balustrades
  • Glass balustrade, partitions & furniture
  • Sun shading coloured laminated glass
  • Toughened and laminated glass structure for a transparent shelter
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For this type of glass, we recommend using the Heat Soak Treatement.