Vanceva Color Plastofloat

Vanceva color Plastofloat is a safety laminated glass with one or more Vanceva Color PVB interlayers from Solutia Saflex range.


All the advantages of laminated glass & a wide range of coloured glass solutions, with Vanceva Color interlayers a very
large dynamic color palette is at your disposal. 

In addition to 8 basic colours, Vanceva system offers 3 deep colours; deep red, true blu , tangerine  a white collection with Cool white, Polar white and Arctic snow and  2 special colours, absolute black & ocean grey.

Combining these colours in up to 4 layers you obtain a broad spectrum of colours and moods; transparent or opaque options to help create the perfect tone and intensity.
  • Vanceva Color laminated glass for Monpazier hotel
  • Glass balustrades for a staircase and a terrace
  • Concrete and Colored laminated glass for a highway bridge
  • Vanceva Color for glass balconies ballustrades and facades
  • Vanceva Color Plastofloat for colored balconies balustrades
  • A glass bridge for the National School of Architecture in Strasbourg
  • Extra-clear laminated glass standing Steles
  • Polar White Plastofloat for Guerlain Boutique
  • Ceramic printed & laminated glass for interior design & facades
  • Coloured laminated glass Vanceva Color Plastofloat & Design
  • Coloured safety double glazings for a school
  • Fire protection coloured insulating glass units
  • Vanceva Color Tangerine laminated glass balustrade, rue des Olivettes
  • Vanceva color laminated glass panels for a facade
  • Safety and coloured insulating glass for La maison des ours
  • Enamelled & coloured laminated glass panels
  • Vanceva Color laminated glass for a lighted ceiling
  • Sun shading coloured laminated glass
  • Safety coloured laminated glass for Albert Camus school
  • Safety and decorative large windows coloured or enamelled
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For a transition from Arctic Snow White to full transparency you may use Illusion White Vanceva PVB.
A range of natural aesthetic colors is available with Vanceva Earth Tones collection.


Vanceva laminated glas can be used to make windows, as well as partitions, stairways and panoramic elevators, balustrades, floor and facade tiles, etc.
They can be used for front doors, interior doors, and shower stalls either frames or frameless solutions are possible if you choose toughened and laminated glass. 
For improved colour rendering, we suggest assembling extra-clear low iron glass.

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BrochuresAbsolute black
Ocean grey
The white Collection
Illusion White
Earth Tones