Plastofloat laminated glass

Plastofloat his is a range of safety glazing, in which two or more float glass panes are bonded or laminated together with: 
• Laminated glass with 2 glass panels
Plastofloat 88 (44/2) is composed of:
1  4 mm thick float glass
1  0.76 mm or 2 0.38 mm PVB interlayers
1  4mm thick float glass
It is approximately 8.8 mm thick

laminated glass with 3 or more glass panels
Plastofloat M 105 (333/4) is composed of:
1 3 mm float glass
1 0.76 mm or 2 0.38 mm PVB interlayers
1 3mm float glass
1 76 mm or 2 0.38 mm PVB interlayers
1 3 mm float glass
It is approximately 10.5 mm thick

• Composite laminated glass, laminated glass with a component other than float glass or interlayer
for exemple :   1 float glass
                         PVB or EVA interlayers
                         another component
           (for innovative style or extra protection)
                         PVB or EVA interlayers
                        1 float glass

Toughened and laminated glass
    Seristal Plastofloat


  • the interlayers retain the glass
    fragments in the event of breakage.
    The glass remains in place and
    there are no dangerous shards.
  • it prevent people from falling
    through. The composition of
    the glass will depend on its
    dimensions and on what it will
    be used for.
  • Depending on the composition
    chosen, Plastofloat can provide
    protection levels ranging from
    active safety to very high performance
    bullet resistance
  • Their performances are cerified
    by Cekal
  • Clear glass and black metal for a design staircase
  • Glass screen to slow the spread of Covid 19
  • Glass flooring to exhibit and protect an ancient mosaïc floor
  • Laminated Glass Plastofloat for the cable-car stations in Brest
  • Decorative laminated glass partition with Fragment Decor Plastofloat
  • Installation art Perspectives inversées, Saint-Germain-en-Lay gardens
  • Passage Choiseul new glass roof
  • Safety and coloured insulating glass for La maison des ours
  • Plastofloat 88 for le Grand Palais, Paris
  • Clear laminated glass balustrade for a terrace
  • Sun shading coloured laminated glass
  • Decorative safety laminated glass for a day care center
  • Laminated glass wind screen in Aix-en-Provence railway station
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For features in addition to active safety, such as increased thermal or acoustic insulation, solar control or decoration, we can assemble the laminated glass in multi-purpose insulating glass units : Vim.

Plastofloat laminated glass is used for glass flooring, stairs and partitions, ceilings, glass roofs & rooflights, glass balustrades, shop windows and facades.

Our laminated glass
Coloured or patterned
Clear or low-iron
Against break-ins
Against fire arms
Against fire