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If no spall is ejected on the side opposite the shot, the rating is followed by the letters NS

EN 1063
Plastofloat weapon used Calibre ammunitions used shooting
in m.
in m/s
BR 2 NS P 139 handgun 9 mm luger cylindro-ogivale plomb
chemise acier plaqué
5 400
BR 3 NS P 185 handgun 0,357 magnum conique plomb chemisé
acier plaqué
5 430
BR 4 NS P 278 handgun 0,44 rem mag cylindro-conique tronquée
plomb chemisé acier
5 440
BR 5 NS P 345 gun, rifle 5,56 X 45 cylindro-conique plomb
masse pénétrante acier chemisé acier
10 950
BR 6 NS P 375 gun, rifle 7,62 X 51 cylindro-conique plomb
chemisé acier plaqué
10 830
BR 7 NS P 730 gun, rifle 7,62 X 51 perforating cylindro-conique acier
chemisé acier(noyau dur)
10 820

For example P 129 stops a 9 mm Luger shot with a handgun from a distance of 5 metres and is rated BR2.
Moreover, because it protects people located just behind the glass by guaranteeing that no spall is ejected, it is rated BR2 NS.