Custom patterned translucent glass

A sandblasted or acid-etched pattern can be applied on glass, on any type of glass coloured, extra-clear, patterned or mirrored glass, toughened glass or laminated glass
The pattern can be quite simple, with geometric designs (lines, squares), or more elaborate, according to your model.


  • allows a personnal touch, a wide range of possibilities with the choice of type of glass and design.
  • helps control the amount of natural light going throught the glass; depending on the intensity of the treatment and on the type of glass choosen.


Translucent patterned glass, sandblasted or acid-etched can be used for :
  • opening and sliding partitions
  • unframed or framed glass doors
  • glass floor tiles
  • logos
  • glass objects (trophies...)
  • decorative mirrors...
  • Customized glass partition for a shower screen
  • Low-iron translucent glass for a large shower cabin
  • opening & sliding partitions with a sandblasted design laminated glass
  • Lighted glass floor for Champs Elysées shopping center
  • Structural sealed glass facade, partly sandblasted
  • Sand blasted glass curtains
  • Partly sandblasted & toughened glass for partitions and sliding door
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For easy care, long lasting effects, we recommend assembly in insulating glass units or laminated glass