Acid-etched & sandblasted glass

Translucent glass is clear or extra-clear float glass rendered translucent by frosting, acid etching or sandblasting on one of the faces. It is available in various thicknesses, in standard or custom-cut dimensions.
Acid-etching gives a frosted finish that is
  • uniform when applied to float glass
  • decorative when applied to patterned glass, it emphasizes its pattern
  • metallic when applied to a mirror, it cancels out the mirror effect and gives the glass a metallic appearance
and gives an incomparable finish when applied to extra-clear low-iron glass.

Main models

Glass Motif     thickness
in mm
in mm
decorated surface
 in mm

Dépoli sable 4 & 6 mm 2100 X 1600 entirely decorated

Dépoli acide 4 & 6 mm 3210 X 2400 3190 X 2370

batik 6 & 8 mm 3210 X 1800 3190 X 1790

Optical 6 & 8 mm 3210 X 1800 3190 X 1790

Delta maté
Delta maté 4 mm 2130 ou 3650 X
entirely decorated
More solutions

With custom patterns upon request >
Acid-etched mirrors 4 & 6 mm thick also available.


  • Quickly available in standard dimensions or cut to the desired shape & dimensions
  • helps control the amount of natural light going throught the glass and improve privacy.
  • Decorative


Translucent glass , sandblasted or acid-etched glass , except delta maté can be toughened  or laminated like ordinary float glass and then is used for:
  • opening or sliding partitions
  • framed or unframed doors
  • floor tiles
  • decorative objects  (trophies...)
  • furniture, shelves, show boxes...
  • Etched mirror for a kitchen splashback
  • Self-cleaning & translucent glass roof
  • Acid-etched glass for book cases
  • Clear & acid-etched toughened glass for doors and partitions
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And when integrated into a double glazing for windows & facades.