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Safety performance of  a glass product according to Cekal is expressed using 2 letters and a figure :

  • Safety (S) protection against risk of injury (b= blessures, injury in french) : Sb
  • Safety (S) protection against risk of defenestration ( c=chute, defenestration in french) : Sc
  • Safety (S) protection against random attacks, including protection against injury & defenestration: S1 to S5

    Within these categories, the glass performance classification is determeined by  its results to tests defined in standards.


EN 12600 EN 356 Exemple laminated glass
in this rank
Sb 2B2 - Plastofloat 64  (33/1)
Sc 1B1 - Plastofloat 68 (33/2)
S1 1B1 P1A Plastofloat 68 (33/2)
S2 1B1 P2A Plastofloat 88(44/2) ou PRE8
S3 1B1 P3A Plastofloat 91
S4 1B1 P4A Plastofloat PRE9
S5 1B1 P5A Plastofloat PRE10