Double & triple insulating units for a greater safety & securety

This insulating glass incorporates at least one pane of toughened glass Seristal or laminated glass Plastofloat to provide added securety to your home.
  • For a sliding glass door opening onto a yard where children play ball or
    a roof window:
                 - to prevent broken glass from falling into your house,
                   use Plastofloat laminated glass for the inner pane of the double glazing
                 - to prevent the children from getting hurt,
                   use the safety glass for the outer pane       

  • For a bedroom window you could use noise reduction Plastofloat
    (its position does not affect the acoustic performance of the double glazing unit)
  • For a refrigerated case, use double or triple insulating glass units incorporating toughened glass Seristal
  • For maximum protection of people and objects located just behind the window, use a multi-laminated or composite laminated glass :  VHP bullet resistant Plastofloat.

    Contact us for information about the best combination to meet your requirements.


Float + multi or composite laminate


  • We will make the combination that meets your safety requirements from reducing the risk of injury to offering the best protection against fire arms attacks
  • Picking out the right components you may add to extra safety or securety other functions reinforced insulation, solar control,  noise reduction...


Whener you need to add to safety securety properties energy efficiency and also other functions safety insulating glass units are necessary. Safety IGU are used for curtain walls, structural sealed glass facades and point-fixed glass systems.
  • Fire resistant double glazing units : Vim Pyro
  • Double glazing units for glass floor tiles
  • Glass floor tiles for a Parisian terrace
  • Bow-windows added on a facade
  • Coloured safety double glazings for a school
  • Fire protection coloured insulating glass units
  • Safety and coloured insulating glass for La maison des ours
  • Fire arms protection for Eiffel tower ticket office
  • Double glazing units for a terrace rooflight
  • Modern insulating double glazing units for a traditional conservatory
  • Clear laminated glass single or integrated into insulating glazing units
  • Safety and decorative large windows coloured or enamelled
  • High performances and safety for Jacob school in Livry-Gargan
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