Self-cleaning and High Energy Efficiency Double Glazing

Solar control , extra insulating & self cleaning glazing units.


All the advantages of High Performance double glazing, High Performance Vim, all seasons energy saving , comfort and light and the advantages of self-cleaning glass:
  • it uses daylight and rainwater to breakdown and wash away organic durt.
  • it requires less frequent cleaning and is faster and easier to clean.
  • it ensures better aesthetic effect and light transmittance.


  • Self-cleaning & high Performances insulating glass for  a roof-light
  • Self-cleaning & selective coatings Insulating units
  • Self-cleaning & selective coating double glazing
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Extra-insulating properties and self-cleaning double glazing is used wherever the glass is difficult to clean because of excessive pollution, for large glazed areas, hard to reach places ... It is recommended for roofing if the slope is sufficient to ensure rainwater run-off.