Noise reduction insulating glass unit

Noise reduction Vim are insulating glazing units with Reinforced Acoustic Performance, Vim AR. They are Cekal certified, which guarantees their performance level R according to the rating from AR1 to AR6 for the units providing the highest level of sound insulation

Vim AR5
R = 35 db

+ argon 12 mm
+ noise reduction
Plastofloat 88

Several factors improve the noise protection level:
  • increasing the sum of the thicknesses of the glass components
    (the mass)

  • increasing the difference in thickness between the glass components
  • using laminated glass Plastofloat or noise reduction laminated glass
The thickness of the air space has very little influence on the acoustic performance, but the presence of gas can improve performance.
More information
Cekal acoustic classification
Noise reduction index : R


By combining glass components, we can improve the performance of your double glazing units and add extra safety, improved thermal insulation, cooler rooms in summer, or integrate decorative glass.


Office or conference room partitions, bedroom windows, insulating doors, facades on noisy streets.
  • Fire resistant double glazing units : Vim Pyro
  • Noise control insulating glass, hippopotamus restaurant
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The insulating glass units must be installed in compliance with current standards, regulations, and our instructions. To obtain the desired results, the insulating glass units must be installed in frames with equivalent performance.