Energy efficiency increased double or triple glazing

Energy efficiency increased Vim or TR Vim are double or triple glazing units with extra insulating properties. They improve your insulation thanks to a lower thermal transmittance U value < or = to 2. They are Cekal certified, which guarantees their thermal performance level U  according to a rating from TR1 to TR10 for the units with the highest insulation properties,      U value < or = to 1.
   TR5   U =

1.5  w/m²

Several factors can improve the thermal performance of the units:
  • increasing the space between the two  panes of glass
  • filling the cavity with a rare gas such as argon
  • using low-emissivity glass, the position of the coating does not affect the  performances of the composition     
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Cekal thermal classification
Thermal transmission U
Contact us to know  which double glazing composition is best for your requirements and budget.


  • comfort near windows
    with TR Vim
    you enjoy natural light with floor-to-ceiling windows and french doors
  • lower heating bills
    with TR Vim
    you save the equivalent of one month of winter heating bills each year (tested on a 100 m2 residence with 18% of the surface area composed of windows)


If the there is little risk of summer heat in your region, or if the risk is reduced by the location of your windows or by good ventilation, energy efficiency increased glass units are a perfect solution.
  • Coloured safety double glazings for a school
  • Safety and coloured insulating glass for La maison des ours
  • Coloured energy efficiency increased & safety insulating glass units
  • Safety and decorative large windows coloured or enamelled
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They can be used for high performance doors and windows, floor-to-ceiling windows, and sun rooms that will help you save energy as well as for curtain walls, structural sealed or point-fixed facades and in any project requiring high-performance glass units.