Fire resistant double glazed insulating units

Vim Pyro is a range of fire resistant insulating units combining AGC fire resistant glass Pyrobel or  Pyrobelite with any other glass so as to add energy efficiency, solar control, noise control, extra safety and security properties to the double glazing obtained.


  • the performance level for fire protection; E, EW or EI, is the same as the fire resistant component included.
  • their performance level is certified CE by a notified body : efectis


Outdoor use for buildings that must comply with fire codes and regulations; as a double pane fire resistant insulating glass for doors, windows, facades and glass roofs.

  • Fire resistant double glazing units : Vim Pyro
  • Fire protection insulating glass units with an enamelled grey pattern
  • Fire protection coloured insulating glass units
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The fire protection rating is guaranteed only if the glass is installed according to the instructions in the test reports. The structure must strictly comply with all aspects of the test report and its field of application. AGC VIDEO
Fire resistance, EN 1634
bloc porte dble vantaux
frame isofeu RP TECHNIK
Pyrobel 25, class EI60