Pyrobelite are laminated fire resistant glass, class EW30 min.. It is transparent laminated glass with no wire mesh, composed of glass and intumescent interlayers that transform into a rigid, opaque screen at approximately 120°C.


  • Transparency : transparent laminated glass with no wire mesh, its light transmission is equivalent to the same thickness float glass
  • Safety : Pyrobelite 7EG has a PVB interlayer, it is a safety laminated glass (can be used as a safety balustrades under the conditions listed inthe test report) and helps keep panic to a minimum during a fire evacuation because it becomes opaque
  • Stability : the glass do not melt
  • Flame containment : the fire does not spread
  • Short delivery time
  • Fire protection glass for la Bourse du Commerce, Paris
  • Fire resistant double glazing units : Vim Pyro
  • Fire protection insulating glass units with an enamelled grey pattern
  • Fire protection coloured insulating glass units
  • Fire resistant glass for doors and partitions
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As it can be included into double glazed unis , Vim Pyro, Pyrobelite is suitable for indoor and outdoor use in buildings that must comply with fire codes and regulations : as a single pane glass for doors, partitions, wood or steel fixed frames and double glazed for fire resistant doors ,windows , facades and  glass roofs.

The fire protection rating is guaranteed only if the glass is installed according to the instructions in the test reports. The structure must strictly comply with all aspects of the test report and its field of application.

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