Very High Performance bullet resistant Plastofloat

VHP bullet resistant laminated glass provides bullet resistance that is equivalent to, or better than, traditional laminated glass,  with lower weight and thickness.

Main models

Laminate thickness
in mm
in kg/m²
 EN 1063

P 278
28 59 BR4NS - SG2NS

P 345
35 78 BR5NS - SG2NS

P 395
40 84 BR6NS - SG2NS

P 730
73 130 BR7NS - SG2NS


  • It reduces the danger of spall on the side opposite the gunfire, minimising injuries to people located just behind the glass (category NS).
  • it is treated to offer extra abrasion resistance.
  • Their very high performance is certified by Efectis which guarantees constant BRNS & SGNS bullet resistant performances established by its tests results and delivers a CE certificate.


Transparent HP Bullet Resistant Plastofloat provides a discreet solution to security requirements for :
  • Access control systems
  • Windows, french doors and front doors of homes, shops and office buildings
  • Storefronts and store windows displaying valuable items
  • Museums, especially our extra-clear compositions
  • Windows at banks, foreign exchange  offices
  • Security checkpoints
  • Guard towers...
  P 275 avec impacts
Bullet resistant Glass RangeBy types
By grades

More information

BRS classification
BRNS classification
SG & SGNS classification
Installing & cleaning bullet resistant glass

Eiffel tower ticket office
     Eiffel tower ticket office
The glass units must be installed in compliance with standards, regulations, and our instructions. To obtain the desired results, the glass units must be installed in frames with equivalent performance. The bullet resistance of joinery is indicated by their FB or FSG classification determined according to standards EN 1522 &1523: 
BR3 glass must be mounted in a FB3 frame.
SG1 or SG2 glass must be mounted in a FSG frame.