Hight selectivity solar control laminated glass

Our laminated glass PLASTOFLOAT SKN 165 integrate a glass with a high performance solar control coating, COOL LITE SKN 165. This coating is protected, it is placed inside the laminate against the PVB interlayer and it has been taken off around the periphery of the glass panels to prevent any possible damage.


  • Allows the light through thanks to a high light transmission: TL= 58%
  • Avoids overheating thanks to excellent solar control properties: solar factor g =37%.
  • A high degree of neutrality.
  • Minor thickness and weight if you compare the laminate to double glazed solution with equivalent performance
  • Certified CEKAL.


Plastofloat SKN 165 is made for large glazed bays to make the most of natural light while reducing solar overheating particularly when thickness and weight are at stake.

  • Inner courts
  • Overhead and atria glazing
Verriere pour une cour intérieure
Overhead solar control glazing for an inner court