Low-iron Plastofloat

The low-iron content in this glass gives it an extra clear  appearance without the dominant light greenish tint observed in normal float glass, this laminate is more transparent and more neutral in colour.


  • low-iron or extra-clear glass provides excellent light transmittance in all thicknesses
  • light & clarity
  • very low coloration
  • excellent color rendering
  • transparency at high thicknesses to combine optical quality and maximum security or noise control


  • Large display cases for Nantes Museum of Arts
  • A glass bridge for the National School of Architecture in Strasbourg
  • Extra-clear laminated glass standing Steles
  • LED & laminated glass for a sliding partition
  • SentryGlas Expressions laminated glass for a lift
  • Safety low-iron laminated glass for Nina Ricci
  • Low-iron laminated glass for Nespresso
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  • doors, partitions, stairs & balustrades...
  • show cases, shelves, display panels
  • high thicknesses transparent partitions for noise control
  • security glass for museums, bank windows
  • facades & storefronts