Bullet resistant Plastofloat

Bullet resistant Plastofloat is laminated safety glass designed to provide protection against rifle and handgun shots by stopping the bullets. Its performance level is determined by its test results according to a SG classification. According to european regulation, their performance is certified by Efectis, which delivers a CE certificate.

Main models

Laminate thickness
in mm
in kg/m²
EN 1063
bullet resistance
EN 356
random attacks or break-in resistance

12 or 14 26 or 33 BR1S P5A maximum protection against random attacks

PRE 15
15 34 BR1S P6B basic bullet resistance

PRE 22
22 46 BR2S P7B maximum protection against break-in and a better bullet protection

M 240
24 52 BR3S non testé basic model

Bullet resistant composite laminate with a protection against abrasion

Laminate thickness
in mm

in kg/m²

EN 1063
bullet resistance

P 139
14 26 BR2NS

P 185
19 36 BR3NS
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Break-in resistance
BR Bullet resistance
Installing & cleaning bullet resistant glass

Bullet resistant Glass
By types
By grades

Devanture en verre extra-blanc & anti-balles
Jeweller's shop,
Place Vendome, Paris

Some projects
Glass for a Police station
Jeweller's shop window
Protection for a ticket office
Partitions in an embassy
Composite bullet resistant Plastofloat provides :
  • improved performance
  • less weight and lesser thickness
  • it is graded NS : to protect people located just behind the glass.
  • it is treated to offer a good abrasion resistance.


Bullet Resistant Plastofloat provides a discreet solution to security requirements for :
  • Access control systems
  • Windows, french doors and front doors of homes, shops and office buildings
  • Storefronts and store windows displaying valuable items
  • Museums, especially our extra-clear compositions
  • Windows at banks, foreign exchange  offices
  • Security checkpoints
The glass units must be installed in compliance with standards, regulations, and our instructions.To obtain the desired results, the glass units must be installed in frames with equivalent performance. The bullet resistance of joinery is indicated by their FB or FSG classification determined according to standards EN 1522 &1523 :
a BR4 glass must be mounted in a FB4 frame.