Seristal toughened glass

Thermal toughening makes this safety glass extra resistant


  • reinforced resistance and unchanged appearance
  • a better protection against the risk of accident or injury
  • can be clamped or joined for a frameless glass solution.
  • can be laminated; Toughened Plastofloat  and incorporated into a double glazing unit to build facades using a Point-fixed Glass Systems Panoramic or a Structural sealed glass


They are used for glass furniture: tables, shelves, show boxes, refrigerated furniture.
  • Green glass and solid wood table
  • Anti-corrosion toughened glass for a shower stall
  • Corrosion resistant shower stall with Seristal Timeless
  • Low-iron translucent glass for a large shower cabin
  • All glass entrance system for the offices building of  Vincennes zoo
  • Toughened glass for frameless doors and sliding partitions
  • Museum display cases
  • Toughened clear glass oval table
  • Painted wood & toughened glass for a light and airy chair
  • UV bonded glass for display cases
  • Acid-etched glass for book cases
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With toughened glass, doors, shower doors and cabins, partitions and facades entirely made with glass are possible
and some decorative glass solutions to: