Toughened painted glass : Painted Seristal & Lacobel T Seristal

 If you are looking for a Toughened Painted glass, you have two options : a layer of high quality paint may be applied on a already toughened glass, it is a painted Seristal, or we toughen for you an already painted glass, it is a Lacobel T Seristal.


  • Colours :
    with Lacobel T standard colours ( zen grey, deep black, crisp white and cool white).
  • Tailor made glass solutions :
    the color of your choice is available if we paint a toughened glass.  
  • Safety :
    It is toughened glass, it can be clamped or joined with metal fittings for frameless glass solutions. and it is resistant to temperature differences.


Toughened painted glass is used for interior applications and as a decorative glass for buildings :
  • White painted glass wall covering for Orly aiport
  • White toughened painted glass in Pôle emploi
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  • wall covering in shops or restaurants, kitchen splashbacks, cupboard doors, sliding doors and partitions
  • furniture : tables,shelves, display cases
  • spandrels, façade clading, shop fronts