Painted glass & breackage resistant painted glass

Painted glass is a is a float glass with a high quality paint applied on back side. Usually, for standard models of back painted glass, the layer of paint is applied on a clear float glass. However, an extra-clear or Low-iron glass can also be used for a better colour rendering and with other types of glass you may obtain « special effects».

A safety version is available. Breakage resistant painted glass is made by applying a safe film on the painted side of the glass, the layer of paint on the glass is thus protected, and if the glass breaks, the shards will remained attached to the film. 


  • Colours :
    Sparkling like mirrors, painted glass offers in addition a wide range of wonderfull standard coloured glass solutions, for exemple 25 colours available with Lacobel® Painted glass .
  • Tailor made glass solutions :
    We also propose to create for you the colour of your choice a minimum quantity is not required.


Back painted glass is used for interior applications & furniture :
  • cupboard doors, sliding doors and partitions, wall covering in shops or restaurants, kitchen splashbacks...
  • Lacobel Safe Red Luminous 1586, for Nexity oval totem
  • Fuchsia painted glass for a kitchen splashback
  • White breakage resistant painted glass for a town hall entrance
  • Black painted glass for Theo Fil shop window
  • Low-iron painted glass partitions for Marc Jacobs
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  • tables,shelves, display cases.