Corrosion resistant glass for shower walls, shower screens and bath

Seristal Timeless is a high-clarity glass protected by an innovative layer of metal oxides coating and toughened in our factories.


  • The glass does not turn white, it retains its high transparency and does not alter the perception of colours thanks to the coating applied.
  • The water glides across the surface of the glass reducing residual traces.
  • The glass is easier to clean traces can be removed more easily than on untreated glass.
  • Seristal Timeless stands the test of time without loosing any of its efficiency.


Seristal Timeless is designed for use in showers, shower walls, shower cabin or for the side of a bath.
  • Anti-corrosion toughened glass for a shower stall
  • Customized glass partition for a shower screen
  • Corrosion resistant shower stall with Seristal Timeless
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