Seristal Stone

The Seristal Stone are decorative glass panels imitating natural stone appearance, marble, granite, sandstone... . The panels combines the advantages of thermally toughened glass with the flexibility of our printing process Seristal image.


  • Lesser weight and easier handling compared with real stone
  • Brightness and natural elegance of glass
  • Long lasting smooth surfaces
  • Glass and last generation ceramic inks we use are environmentally friendly
  • A broad range between opaque to highly transparent printings can be achieved
  • If necessary, Seristal Stone can be laminated or be part of a insulating glass unit
  • Many decorative glass solutions to be used as they are or as a starting point for other creations.
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Seristal Stone may be used for all flat surfaces for facades
as well as for interior design.

  • Wall covering
  • Furniture
  • Glass doors
  • Partitions
  • Facades glass panels