Wired glass & U-shaped profiled wired glass

This is 6 mm thick translucent glass with integrated wire mesh .
  • small mesh wired glass has a 12.5 mm square metal mesh & large mesh wired glass has a 25 mm square metal mesh
  • u-shaped profiled glass   is fitted with longitudinal wiire reinforcement. 5 or 7 meter long models are available in stock as well as accessories and profiles specially
    designed for installation. Please contact us for other models.


  • The integrated metal mesh holds the glass fragments in place in the event of breakage.
  • u-shaped profiled glass may be installed on large surfaces, translucent, they let in a maximum amount of daylight.
  • they can be fitted in double walls to improve noise control,  Rw > ou = 36db, and thermal insulation, U = 2,70 W/m²K


Traditionally used in industrial sites and sports facilities, wired glass can also be used in many other types of buildings
 for partitions, cladding, sloping roofs or facades.
  • Patterned glass imprimé 130 for a kitchen
  • Lift, balustrade & glass roof renovated
  • U-shaped profiled glass for a sports center
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