Noise control

Noise control glass is useful in urban areas, where noise levels exceed 70 dB. When the noise level is 70 dB, the WHO recommends 35 dB  of insulation on the facade. However, in our experience, the insulation provided by an older facade with standard windows is only between 23 and 25 dB.
  • One way to improve noise control is to increase
    the thickness of the glass used.
  • For better results and guaranteed performance, 
    use our single and double pane acoustic glass: Sound reduction laminated glass &
    sound reduction IGU.
Nos vitrages sont garantis. Cekal garantit le niveau et la permanence de leurs performances.

Our glazing performance are certified by Cekal
  Double vitrage de protection contre le bruit, restaurant hippopotamus  

Our glass solutions for noise control
Laminated glass:
Noise reduction Plastofloat
Insulating glass:
Noise reduction Vim

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