Glass balconies & staircases balustrades

Wherever natural daylight and transparency are required,  glass balustrades are the perfect answer. To be safe glass balustrades are made with Plastofloat laminated glass or Seristal Plastofloat toughened and laminated glass. The glass component can be:
To add privacy to daylighting, you can choose to laminate patterned or translucent glass.
  • Glass balustrades for a staircase and a terrace
  • Clear glass and black metal for a design staircase
  • Vanceva Color for glass balconies ballustrades and facades
  • Vanceva Color Plastofloat for colored balconies balustrades
  • Enamelled flat or curved laminated glass balustrades
  • Glass flooring and balustrades for a luminous house
  • Vanceva Color Tangerine laminated glass balustrade, rue des Olivettes
  • Enamelled patterned glass balustrades
  • Staircases & mezzanine glass balustrades
  • Ceramic print process for balconies balustrages
  • Vanceva Color laminated glass balustrades for balconies
  • Clear laminated glass for balustrades and terrace flooring
  • Clear laminated glass balustrade for a terrace
  • White ceramic motive to decorate appartment balconies
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