Glass shower screens

Luminous solutions for your bathroom made with our safety glass Seristal toughened glass or Plastofloat laminated glass.

You can choose an entirely transparent shower screen with low-iron glass, a slightly more opaque finish with patterned or translucent glass or a custom designed glass solutions with sand blasted or patterned enamelled models.

For ease care, we would recommend toughened glass with an anti-corrosion treatment: Seristal Timeless
  • Anti-corrosion toughened glass for a shower stall
  • Customized glass partition for a shower screen
  • Corrosion resistant shower stall with Seristal Timeless
  • Decorative laminated glass partition with Fragment Decor Plastofloat
  • Low-iron translucent glass for a large shower cabin
  • Made to measure shower screen & door
  • Laminated glass with a decorative interlayer for a shower door
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