Shop windows

You may wish to obtain a perfect transparency or be looking for customized glass solutions, you will, for sure, choose a safety glass for your shop window. The safety glass you need is determined by the protection level required ranking from protection against random attacks to very high performance bullet resistant laminated glass minimising injuries to people located just behind the glass in case of gunfire.
from :
Break-in resistant Plastofloat
VHP bullet resistant Plastofloat
Perfect display glass panels are made with low-iron glass solutions or
low-iron & antireflective laminated glass.
  • Enamelled design for a shop window
  • Low-iron antireflective laminated glass
  • High security for Chanel extra-clear shop window
  • Jadis & Gourmande Shop window
  • Safety low-iron laminated glass for Nina Ricci
  • Black back painted glass for D&G shop window
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