Custom Glass Partitions

Decorative glass offers a wide range of solutions for opening or sliding, it is necessary to use safety glass, either laminating decorative glass such as : or incorporating a decorative interlayer :
or using decorative toughened glass; painted  toughened or enamelled patterned toughened

Fire rersistant & bullet resistant glass solutions are also available.
  • Glass screen to slow the spread of Covid 19
  • Enamelled low-iron glass printed using a digital process
  • All glass entrance system for the offices building of  Vincennes zoo
  • Fire resistant double glazing units : Vim Pyro
  • Ceramic printed & laminated glass for interior design & facades
  • opening & sliding partitions with a sandblasted design laminated glass
  • Bullet resistant low-iron laminated glass for reception desks and partitions
  • Fire resistant glass for doors and partitions
  • Vanceva Color laminated glass sliding door
  • Evasafe laminated glass for partitions in an office space
  • Point-fixed glass partitions
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