High performance glass for a pleasure boat

« Paris en Seine » passengers will be very comfortable all year round thanks to the insulating glass units choosen to protect them. This pleasure boat signal station and prow are glazed with very high performance glass units.
Signal station
two 6mm thick glass with 1 Eclipse Advantage Blue-Green (66/2), curved laminate Plastofloat 128 
5m10 de long glass eye
10 mm filled Insulating glass unit made with 2 tempered glass 10 mm thick laminated  (1010/2), Plastofloat Séristal 215, & 1 tempered Eclipse Advantage Blue Green 6 mm thick.
Roof & windows
12 mm argon, filled energy efficiency increased & solar control Insulating Glass Unit made with 1 tempered 6mm thick Eclipse Advantage Blue-Green & Plastofloat 128 (55/2 laminated glass).
Glass installer
Miroiterie Moderne