Easy care

We offer several solutions to make things easy for you and help you save on cleaning costs :

  • for shower doors and stalls use a much easier to clean corrosion resistant glass, and for bathrooms & kitchen a decorative back-painted corrosion resistant glass.
  • Incorporate Georgian bars into a double glazing unit
  • Protect a fragile or hard to clean component inside a   double glass unit or laminated glass.
  • choose a self-cleaning glass.
  • choose a scratch resistant glass or a bullet resistant glass treated to be abrasion resistant.
  Glass for easy care
Clear corrosion resistant glass
Back-painted corrosion resistant glass
Bullet resistant & corrosion resistant glass
Georgian bars incorporated IGU
Venetian b
lind incorporated insulating glass
Glass work of art incorporated insulating glass
Self-cleaning & High Performance insulating glass
Scratch resistant glass
Self-cleaning glass