Certification CE & Garantie Cekal

Most of our glass products are Cekal certified. They are tested according to european standards and  Cekal guarantees their performance level.

In accordance with EU Construction Products Regulation, we CE mark our products. Our CE Declaration of Performance,
DoP, enables you to compare the benefits of glass products from different origins according to harmonized Europeen
standards (hEN).

Glass Normes européennes
Toughened glass Seristal
Heat soaked & toughened Seristal HST
EN 12 150-2:2004
 EN 14 179-2:2005
Laminated glass Plastofloat 
Break-in resistant Plastofloat
Fire arms resistant Plastofloat
EN 14 449:2005+ AC:2005
 Insulating glazing units Vim EN 1279-5:2005+A2:2010

You can find the Declaration of Performance either by product CE code or by product type, see below >>>>>>>
For further informations, please contact us.  
The tolerance on spectrophotometric properties on CE declarations is: +/ - 3 points
  Read more about CE form: Declaration of PerformancesResistance to fire: E,EW & EI
Reaction to fire
Bullet resistance BRS
Bullet resistance BRNS
Bullet resistance SG &SGNS
Burglar resistance :
P1A to P5A
P6B to P8B
Pendulum body impact resistance
Thermal transmittance U
Light transmission
Solar factor G

CE Declaration of Performance