Vim insulating glass units

Two or more panes of glass spaced apart with spacer bars to form a cavity between
the panes. The dried air in the cavity can be replaced by another gas.
All Vim insulating glass units are certified by Cekal and they are all made with a dual seal system.

      Vim,Traditional  double glazing units                  TPS Vim,«warm edge» glass units

Vim traditionnel
primary seal
dried air or gas

spacer bar

  TPS spacer
        including dryer  = 
    secondary seal

primary seal
dried air
or gas



Vim double or triple insulating glazing units make your home more comfortable in
winter  and help you save money on your heating bills.

  • they stop heat escaping through the windows;
    with Vim there is two times less heat loss
  • No more unpleasant feeling near your windows;
    with Vim you increase your leaving space
  • Our range of double or triple insulating glazing units 
    provides a solution to all your insulation needs,
    from basic to excellent thermal control with:
    High performances Vim

  • The level of their performances is certified by : Cekal.
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Thermal insulation performances Thermal transmittance:
U value

Cekal thermal classification

 Vim range
For structural sealed facades
For point-fixed facades
High performances
Venetian blind integrated
Georgian bars integrated
Noise reduction
Energy efficiency increased
Fire resistant
Glass work of art integrated
Solar control