SentryGlas Expressions Plastofloat

SentryGlas Expressions Plastofloat is a laminated glass with a SentryGlas® Expressions™ PVB interlayer digitally printed in high definition using proprietary ink jet.


  • SentryGlas Expressions Plastofloat offers all the advantages of laminated glass.
  • may reproduce any image you can imagine  
  • subtle differences and graduated colors within an image
  • a full-color palette


SentryGlas Expressions Plastofloat can be used to make decrative glass panels, as well as partitions, stairways and panoramic elevators, balustrades, floor and facade tiles, etc.
  • LED & SentryGlas Expressions for a sliding partition
  • SentryGlas Expressions laminated glass for a lift
  • SentryGlas Expressions laminated glass with graduated colour
  • SentryGlas Expressions laminate for a day care center
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They can be used for front doors, interior doors, and shower stalls either frames or frameless solutions are possible if you choose toughened and laminated glass

For improved colour rendering, we can laminate extra-clear glass.

For high-quality printing, raster image files generally should be 150-200 ppi,
(60-80 pixels per cm) at final production size.

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